Keiya Tasire, M.S, CH, RMT

Integrative * Holistic * Intutive

Certified Counselling Hypnotehrapist

Reiki Master & Teacher

ThetaHealing Advanced DNA Pracitioner

Ancient & New Healing Approaches to Wellness


We each have entered this life with innate strengths to support our journey on earth. Our weaknesses bring us to challenges; when faced they help each of us to develop our greatest strengths. Within the process we become our own hero.  We learn to turn our attention inward toward our personal “Deep Inner Knowledge and Wisdom.” Each of our challenges provides an opportunity to 1) seek understanding, 2) to grow in wisdom, and 3) to deepen our inner subtle physical, emotional, thinking, spirit, heart, and wise body connections.


As your counsellor I use an integrative approach to healing. Working with you and following the guidance of your heart. I create a compassionate and safe healing space for your personal transformation, healing and growth. A sacred healing space is opened to create a climate that supports your continued exploration, growth and development; through all of life’s transitions and challenges. I am an experienced agent of growth, change and development, with 20 years of experience in family, couples, individual, group, and team work.


I have special interest in the following specialities: pycho-spiritual interventions, life transistions, relationship issues, co-dependancy, and supporting clients as they make choices to imporove their quality of life.


Issues I have experience in: Addictions, addiction recovery managment, relapse trigger managment; Increasing emotional intelligence;  transgenerational healing;  life coaching;  personal empowerment;  holistic growth and development;  parenting;  relationships; pregnacy, prenational and postpartum; spiritual growth and development; Stress and anger management; and women’s issues.


As a Counselling Hypnotherapist, I am internationally certified through IACH and a  graduate of Orca Institute.

My formal education includes a Master’s of Science in Clinical Psychology, with an emphasis in Wellness; including course work in Addictions, Grief & Loss and various modalities of Relationship and Family Psychology. In 2010 I studied at the Essene Healing, Health & lifestyle practices at the Essene Garden of Peace.


Other certifications include:

Advanced ThetaHealing® DNA practitioner, Reiki Master & Teacher Trauma & Crisis Intervention for Addictions


With a recent move to British Columbia, I am in the process of working toward registered professional counsellor certification in BC, Canada. My supervisor is Diane Auld, R.P.C, HT of Vancouver, BC.