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Cheryl Otterbein RTC, HT, C.ht
Cheryl has been working in the medical field in various capacities since 1985. After being in the nursing profession for many years she decided that a change in the helping profession is what was needed in order to make a larger difference.
After training into the mental health profession and hypnotherapy, Cheryl started her own practice Life is now therapy. Within her scope of practice Cheryl realized there were gaps in education as to what people understood as to what hypnotherapy was she accepted an offer to write articles in the local magazine dispelling myths and educating the readers about what she does.
On her own journey in her earlier days trying to find good training in the hypnotherapy world, Cheryl was disappointed by how many courses/training places were out there that really didn’t teach much about the hypnotherapy profession, never mind actually permanently helping the person who is coming for help.
Cheryl then started Meristem Therapy Academy to provide a better experience, a clearer understanding and with online live training as well to help her students succeed in the clinical counselling hypnotherapy profession. Cheryl is also an hypnotherapy instructor with Orca Training, and an active member in ACCT, ACTA and I.A.C.H.
Cheryl’s philosophy is that : Together we are making a difference in peoples lives.

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Diane Auld, MTC, HT

Director of Ethics


Diane has a private practice in Vancouver and has been practicing Hypnotherapy for 14 years. She is currently a hypnotherapy teacher with the Orca Institute and a Registered Professional Counselor. Stories and Metaphors are one of the ways Diane enjoys using hypnotherapy. "Hypnotherapy is such a powerful way to help a client connect with the unlimited resources within, to find a strong foundation upon which to stand." Her practice specialized in trauma and sexual abuse counselling. Her passion and additional focus is in creative therapies such as using art in therapy and hypnotherapy. The newsletter is the perfect outlet for the creative sharing of the wisdom and skills of the members of the IACH. An association is only as good as its members and ours is of the highest standard.

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Anna Mandziuk CT RTC CH -

Secretary and Standards


Anna Mandziuk CT RTC CH
Counselling Therapist. Registered Therapeutic Counsellor. Counselling Hypnotherapist. Grief Counsellor.

I am a former pastry chef, pastry business owner, and pastry arts instructor that pursued a career change into the counselling and therapy profession.
I have my own counselling practice, called Anna Mandziuk Counselling. The foundation of my practice is based on active listening, validation, and empowerment. This means that I give my undivided attention which in turn can provide another perspective and help provide more awareness to clients with personal empowerment. I can also teach one tools on how to take the emotion out of anxiety and stress, learn to observe it, then help turn it down so that it does not overwhelm.
The more I learn about the human condition and the many perspectives of society, the more I am driven to want to understand what life is like for others and the narratives they carry. I want to help others so they in turn can help themselves be themselves for themselves.

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Sandra Wall BFA, CH (Candidate)
I am a Case Manager at the Trellis Society, Avenue 15 Youth Shelter where I work with homeless youth 12 - 17 years old. Youth entering the shelter come from traumatic backgrounds and often suffer from addiction issues and legal charges. I assist youth in developing goals, connecting with professionals, and reuniting with family as appropriate. Working with the youth together we create personal transition plans so they are able to move on to a housing situation that meets their needs and goals.
I am in the process of completing the Counseling Skills courses through the Orca Institute.
My role with the IACH is membership and social media. My website is a work in process as I am still a student.

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Sheldon Bilsker, RCC,HT

Past President


Sheldon Bilsker is a practicing Counselling Hypnotherapist and Registered Clinical Counselor with 38 years experience in private practice. He is past President of The Canadian Hypnotherapy Association and is a former member of the Legislative Review Committee of the BC Association of Clinical Counselors. In 1986, Sheldon began training students in hypnotherapy and other therapeutic approaches. It was at this time that he founded Orca Hypnosis Seminars, now The Orca Institute. These training programs are well known throughout British Columbia, Canada and now becoming known worldwide for their practical application, broad perspective and high standards. He is the founder of the IACH.