A big part of what I do is assist people in discovering their own resources. I am not some oracle of wisdom bestowing divine direction in life for anyone. I can’t be, I only am able to do that for myself just as each individual can only discover that for themselves. Not necessarily by themselves with no outside help at all. That is where you come in as a Counseling Hypnotherapist. It is much like Dorothy and Glenda the good witch in the Wizard of Oz. A fitting metaphor for how I see what I do as a counseling hypnotherapist in the world. It fits me oddly well.  I don’t do magic like Glenda, but what I do with hypnosis, suggestion, metaphor, and trance can seem magical. That’s not me, that magic is within every individual client. I just ask some questions and let them tell me what they need and how to do it. Most importantly I show them how to create hypnosis for themself. If they have experience in going into trance even once, they can remember how to return to that state just by remembering how it felt, how it looked, how they got there in the first place. Perhaps just recalling the experience itself. This is called “revivification” They can go back into trance anytime that is right for them. Anytime they want to go back into trance. In fact the more they practice this, the better they will become at it. Easy peasey, just remember how a lovely trance can feel and you are there. You can associate/relate a phrase or image, or word to hold in your mind to facilitate a trance session. Simply create something that feels right to your client (I typically ask the client for a meaningful phrase, image, or word to remind them of trance and use that. What I use for myself is “Just breathe” It helps me to sort of reset/reboot and remember I can be serene and have clarity if I am in a stressful situation and feeling scattered and distressed. I know it worked and my subconscious responds with an powerful urge to sigh in response. My own subconscious came up with that very spontaneously. A sort of “I am here and I am listening” trigger and response between the conscious and subconscious parts of my mind. I didn’t consciously choose that-it just naturally happens in me.

To begin, I settle down, center myself and begin to go into trance myself. In effect-I go there first so that I can guide my client in with me.


They are really doing the work. Which is the way it should be. I just sit back and listen deeply to them as they tell me their story. My subconscious tells them stories directly to their subconscious and off into tranceland we dance with words and images, memories, and possibilities. Sometimes that listening is all that was really needed. Maybe they feel no one listens, really listens to them, and here is their chance to be heard! Perhaps at home, they are not listened to in the way they need anywhere else in their life. Here is their chance to be really heard for who they are in the way they need. Someone who could really listen to them where they are. It can be hard,  especially in the beginning before you have gained enough experience to see the pitfalls before you have faceplanted into them with a mouthful of dust. In our culture, there are so many examples of the oracle on high pronouncing the ”one true way” as he or she sees it and so seductive is the vision of grateful clients singing your praises and lavishing adoration upon you that it is very hard to let them learn how they can and must really for real positive change.  Give them space. And people will pay you for this! They will walk into your space, ask you to wave your starry wand and BOOM! Smoking ceases, BOOM! Snakes and spiders hold no power! BOOM! Public speaking flows like a fountain of sweet wine! How is that not some kind of magic! You are a wizard, Harry! Here is your invitation to Hogwarts!



It is well understandable. It can be heady stuff.  Likewise, it can be a bit shocking to have someone appear before you whether in person or online, fix their hopeful gaze upon you and say “Please, Fix my life!”  Oh dear,Mother of Earth! Fix your life?!?! But I just learned how to breathe a month ago or last weekend! As I grasp desperately at the steps of annapana from class to slow my racing lungs and heart.  Find center. Just breathe and listen. Listen inside and out.  Listen for the sound of my teacher’s serene and playful voice that becomes my own in a moment of clarity. Drawing upon the words of my client weaving a gentle spell to help my client find their answer within. It is there. It always was there.  Here, take my hand, lets go for a walk in trance and see what is there.  As we walk along the landscape it morphs and changes. The fog and noise rolls back, dissipates revealing all manner of things related to the client’s issues and beliefs. We come upon a garden statue and I ask the client to describe it in as much detail as needed for the issue at hand. To ask the statue if it has a message for the client. I listen as the client listens. Like in a dream, everything  in this trance is an aspect of the client and can be part of the solution they consciously seek. Every blade of grass holds information really. A million shades of green. We continue and talk about how whenever they wish and can safely, they can return to this tranceland and walk around it for what they may need and want. It belongs to them. All they must do to return is to get comfortable, hold that thought in their mind as the destination-their tranceland-and they can return. Revivification of trance is what it is called. We walk back into full waking consciousness with everything they need to bring with them, leaving behind everything they don’t really need in some safe place, perhaps next to a garden statue or anywhere really that feels right to them. Like a shore bird chasing ocean waves back and forth along a beach we practice 2-3 times going back into and out of trance a few times, each time easier and joyful to know they can do it. A new skill: self-hypnosis that they can use at will freely for what they wish.

I love the look on a clients face that just shines with their newfound ability and discovery as they come out of trance 😊 They really can do magic and science combined. And they didn’t know they really could-all along! Now, your client can do it and likewise, so can you!

That IS magic!

That IS the very real magic that we can do as Counseling Hypnotherapists