Sherry Stone, RMT (017445), CNMT

Sher is the director and founder of Bodies by Sher and Hypnos Health Works. She holds the following certifications; Registered Massage Therapist (RMT), Certified Neuromuscular Therapist (CNMT), Certified Hypnotherapist, Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapist, Certified Personal Trainer and Energy Worker.

Sher specializes in pain relief/management from chronic pain, accidents, auto-immune disorders and athletic injuries and has a strong focus in Neuromuscular Therapy, Trigger point therapy, sports, deep tissue as well as the light touch of Lymphatic Drainage Therapy and energy work. Hypnosis can be used (upon request) to enhance the effectiveness of these therapies and specifically for relaxation, well-being and pain relief.

Sher specializes in very detailed sessions which can incorporate several modalities in the same session, including hypnosis. Sessions can be up to three hours if needed.

As a Certified Personal Trainer Sher’s specialties cover a broad spectrum such as Endurance training, post-rehabilitation, increasing athletic performance, marathon training, muscle strengthening, and stretching. Sessions with Sher can consist of a physical workout and can include, walking, running, cycling, water training, physical stretching (passive or active), muscle strengthening with weights, body weight exercises or yoga.