Byron Miki, MTC, RTC, (Now Offering Online Counselling Services)

I am a Master Therapeutic Counsellor registered with ACCT (#2521). I specialize in Counselling Hypnotherapy and have been practising since 2004.

Though I practice all forms of general counselling, my main areas of focus include: Addictions, Trauma, Stress, Anxiety, Burn Out, Fears, Phobias, Transitions, Weight Loss, Fitness Goals, Athletic Performance, Life Coaching, Executive Coaching, Mindfulness, Creativity, Incite Meditation.

I have completed extensive training in hypnosis and NLP with: Stephen Gilligan, Sheldon Bilsker, Tad James, Mike Mandel, Anthony Robbins.I practice Qi Gong with Hajime Naka and Meditation with Lama Tsewang (Vancouver).

I am a SMART Recovery Facilitator and offer group support for the Sunshine Coast Health Centre.

I have a comfortable office in Kelowna BC, Canada. I also offer online counselling services for your additional convenience.

My personal healing journey continues to reveal great growth and incite. I am inspired to serve humanity through my counselling practice. I draw from 30 years of entrepreneurial business success. I am involved in community building as a volunteer softball coach and volunteer private school board member.

Please call or email to discuss options and possibilities involving your counselling, therapy or coaching needs.

Diane Auld, R.P.C, HT

Watch Diane’s Interview where she discusses her background teaching style and Ericksonian Hypnosis.

Counselling is an exploration and creation of self. In a safe and compassionate environment you will have the space and support to walk your inner journey. Counselling can help you to connect with your feelings and explore the motivations behind them. Each individual is unique and counselling helps you to honour your uniqueness and open yourself to the fullness of life.
As a registered professional counsellor I am qualified in all areas of counselling. I have a special interest in the following areas:
Trauma – sexual, physical, mental and emotional abuse., Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Relationship challenges, Couples Counselling, Depression, Loneliness, Feeling Suicidal, Panic attacks/anxiety, Stress Management, Loss and Grief, Substance Abuse, Support for family & friends of those with substance abuse problems, Support for Caregivers, Life transitions, Tapping into our Creativity, Freeing our creative Self, Spiritual search, Body ~Mind Connection, Living with a serious illness, Job dissatisfaction/job loss, Loss of a Pet, What do I want to do with my life?, Getting to know yourself more deeply, Personal Development, I don’t know who I am anymore

A Personal Note

Having walked my own healing journey in therapy I have personal knowledge of what it is to enter into the process of counselling and therapy. I am honored you are considering me as your therapist.
On a personal note I have 25 years experience as an adult educator; as well as being a trained Reiki and Shiatsu Practitioner. Healing and the unique path each of us takes in our own personal healing journey has always interested me and been the driving force motivating me to pursue my own personal counselling, professional schooling and training.