Anne Laurence Fritsch B.A., Dip. Ed, CMP (NLP), Dip. EH, Dip. HH, Dip. Kinesiology,CH

Man is rich in complexity and each person is unique.
That is why I have trained professionally in different specific fields in order to adapt my counselling to the personal needs and aims of people coming to l’Energie Créatrice, let it be a child, teenager or adult.

The methods I use in my counselling practice in Reunion are: NLP, kinesiology, conversational hypnosis, Ericksonian hypnosis, Humanist hypnosis, modern hypnosis and symbolic therapy.

My motto: “the solution lies within you!”

Fae Huxtable, CH (Cand.)

Fae Huxtable uses hypnosis to aiding one in their personal journey to truly Heal and unlocks those areas of yourself and your life, removing any barriers holding you back from your truest and fullest potential. Hypnosis is a channel for what is best for your being on all levels in a safe and gentle manner. Working though the higher good of the individual involved.
By Fae and an individual utilizing hypnosis one can work on issues like becoming pregnant, pregnancy and birthing, Insomnia, release stress anxiety, relaxation, eliminates anger, guilt, grief work, eliminate phobias, depression, child hood abuses, self esteem self confidence, weight loss, self talk, pain control, grief work, releasing habits, prosperity, past lives, and multidimensional healing. There is no end to the healing power as well as achieving definite and positive results from and what one desires from entering a hypnotic and trance state. Fae Huxtable practices in Victoria British Colombia.

Brett Haughian, RPC, CH [CAND.]

I offer a safe place where you will receive compassion, understanding, and openheartedness. A place that welcomes and supports the expression of your different parts – grief, fear, joy, loneliness, excitement, pain, anger, love, frustration, and confusion. A place that does not judge.

I work with each client to determine which issue(s) he or she would like to deal with and for how long. Some want to achieve results in a short period of time and others want to devote themselves to a more extensive exploration.

I use a person-centered, integrative approach which focuses on the present. My approach utilizes Trust Oriented Therapy, Compassionate Communication (NVC), Solution Focused Therapy, and Hypnotherapy.

Sherry Stone, RMT (017445), CNMT

Sher is the director and founder of Bodies by Sher and Hypnos Health Works. She holds the following certifications; Registered Massage Therapist (RMT), Certified Neuromuscular Therapist (CNMT), Certified Hypnotherapist, Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapist, Certified Personal Trainer and Energy Worker.

Sher specializes in pain relief/management from chronic pain, accidents, auto-immune disorders and athletic injuries and has a strong focus in Neuromuscular Therapy, Trigger point therapy, sports, deep tissue as well as the light touch of Lymphatic Drainage Therapy and energy work. Hypnosis can be used (upon request) to enhance the effectiveness of these therapies and specifically for relaxation, well-being and pain relief.

Sher specializes in very detailed sessions which can incorporate several modalities in the same session, including hypnosis. Sessions can be up to three hours if needed.

As a Certified Personal Trainer Sher’s specialties cover a broad spectrum such as Endurance training, post-rehabilitation, increasing athletic performance, marathon training, muscle strengthening, and stretching. Sessions with Sher can consist of a physical workout and can include, walking, running, cycling, water training, physical stretching (passive or active), muscle strengthening with weights, body weight exercises or yoga.

Angie Bain, RSW, CH

My counselling hypnotherapy practice is based on Ericksonian hypnosis which was developed by the famous psychiatrist, Milton Erickson.  I also do Regression Hypnosis and Solution Focused Counselling.  My belief is that everyone is unique and has unique needs so . I tailor my sessions to meet your individual personality and goals. Individual and group workshops are available.

Personal Hypnosis CD’s
As well as individual sessions and group sessions, I offer special hypnosis cd’s tailored to your needs.
As well as existing topics, you may request a cd to be made for a specific issue such as: Eliminating Fear of the dark for children, Attracting Abundance, Stress Relief, Promoting and Speeding Recovery after surgery or during illness.