Fae Huxtable, CH (Cand.)

Fae Huxtable uses hypnosis to aiding one in their personal journey to truly Heal and unlocks those areas of yourself and your life, removing any barriers holding you back from your truest and fullest potential. Hypnosis is a channel for what is best for your being on all levels in a safe and gentle manner. Working though the higher good of the individual involved.
By Fae and an individual utilizing hypnosis one can work on issues like becoming pregnant, pregnancy and birthing, Insomnia, release stress anxiety, relaxation, eliminates anger, guilt, grief work, eliminate phobias, depression, child hood abuses, self esteem self confidence, weight loss, self talk, pain control, grief work, releasing habits, prosperity, past lives, and multidimensional healing. There is no end to the healing power as well as achieving definite and positive results from and what one desires from entering a hypnotic and trance state. Fae Huxtable practices in Victoria British Colombia.