Welcome to the IACH

Welcome to the International Association of Counseling Hypnotherapists, an association dedicated to offering its members a supportive and educational platform upon which to practice counseling hypnotherapy and hypnosis. Our members are a diverse group of dedicated individuals practicing in their own unique way Ericksonian and counseling hypnotherapy.

The IACH encourages those practicing and students of hypnotherapy to join us and be part of a group of individuals dedicated to the study and on-going evolution of Counseling Hypnotherapy. Counseling Hypnotherapy is a transformative process for personal and professional growth, discovery, exploration and healing. Our association welcomes new members who are joining at our student level or at our practitioner levels for those who are able to demonstrate the required mastery of Counseling Hypnotherapy thereby passing our rigorous certification process. The IACH adheres to the highest set of ethical, professional and business standards which enable us to recommend and support our members thereby offering the public the assurance that they will receive the highest caliber of skills and ethics from our members.





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